short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Hirundines at the patch

Another sunny afternoon  and another trip to the patch.
 On arrival i had a chiffchaff in song quickly followed by a second one at the bridge. Then as I made my way towards the river a very showy Cettis was on view. I stopped and watched it as it did some sort of display. I couldn't see another near but assumed this was possibly courtship ?
Among the broad was :
2x Pochard
72x tufted
4x Gadwall
2x great crested grebes
And the single little grebe still remained.
On the spit was a common snipe along with a pair of Oystercatchers.
Over the broad I had my first hirundines for the patch this year with 2x Swallows  and then a single House Martin . I think this is the first time I've ever seen a house Martin before a Sand Martin here. But that's the type of spring  it been so far ay?!
At this point I bumped into Paul who I last meet here last spring so a lot of catching up was had about patch sightings - always a pleasure Paul .

As I approached the marsh scrape around 15 x teal took to the sky and a Green woodpecker flew across. 
On the marsh was nothing other then 4x stock doves feeding at the back. Too much water there to see any waders appearing .
As I walked back I heard and saw a reed bunting(3 rd of the day) and another cettis . 
Here's  waiting for  that osprey !
Happy birding 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Sun comes out and too the birds!

With the afternoon forecast  predicting clear skies and  temperature  of around 10 degrees I thought it was about time I nipped to the patch to c what's returned.
Immediately at the bridge I had 2x Chiffchaffs singing and then as I walked to the broad a cettis in full voice was nice. A male reed bunting was one of 4 in total calling as I viewed the shingle spit.
7 x Lapwings , 4x Oystercatchers and 6x Stock doves made for a nice sight. The Oystercatchers making a hell of a racket as one pair approached the others area!
A total of 36x Tufteds along with a pair of Gadwall were of note on the water as was the stil remaining  Little grebe, looking rather smart in the sunlight. A pair of mute swans stood over there nest and a pair of Grey Herons flew over and dropped in to one of the dykes. I made my way round to the marsh scrape and picked up 12x Teal and a pair of Pied wagtails, then the bird I was hoping for... A little ringed plover . A true mark of spring here when they arrive although a little late this year but then again everything is. As I watched it make its way around another was heard calling from the shingle spit.. As I left 2 x common snipe took off and a flock of 7/8 Gold finch flew over . I arrived at the bridge and decided to give the blue sky 20 minutes as it was good day for some raptor watching-
Well after 15 minutes I had seen just a Sparrowhawk and a Kestrel but still no Buzzards , then bird of the day , a Red Kite flew over . A cracking bird for the patch and took my species total to 97 for the patch. A good days birding and surely now to get even better !
Happy birding

Monday, 8 April 2013

and finally a Chiffchaff!!

This week I've had some much needed sightings
Most common sight of the working days was Common Buzzards( seem to be every where now in Norfolk?!)
Up to 4 south of Norwich at the usual spot. Also a pair of Sparrowhawks  displaying over woods was a nice reminder of start of breeding season( even if it was freightening to snow at any opporturnaty !)
Thursday was another good work day as I picked up around 10 waxwings at the Wensum river near the playhouse . I was cleansing the windows behind and was also lucky enough to see a pair of Grey wagtails on the pump station. The sun was out although cold and was giving hope to spring finally being here!

Also a nice experience on Saturday while at work. I was in drayton and busy clearing a customers gutters when I realised some Long tailed tits coming and going from the hedge below. On my lunch break I decided to to take note of where they were going. It wasnt long before I was witnessing the making of possibly the most beautifully  constructed nest there is! I was lucky enough to watch as they each took its turn in hopping into the half constructed nest and begun to add to it with every small and delicate mouthful. Not my first sight of a LTT nest but my first as regards seeing one being made- a truly wonderful experience and one that made working on a Saturday that bit more easier
But probably bird of the week or even better.... Song of the week  was while in Tescos carpark on Sunday. A singing Chiffchaff ,My first of the year ( cant believe I'm  saying that, second week in may!) . It wasnt the most romantic of spots to  be at but I wasn't fussed as to finally hear that spring time song was a joy to the ears. Little George was awake and too was fascinated as he'd pretty much not heard any real bird songs  for the pass few months and enjoyed watching daddy try to track it's where abouts down while he pretended to drive the car;-)
I hope this it finally it now as for that snow, cold and cloudy days , replaced by sunny days and birds singing !
Happy birding,