short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

shakys back ..... Back again .....

So here it is finally I'm back on the Norfolk coast after a bit of time away. Yorkie let me know on Friday night over a pint of what his plan was for a trip up to the North Norfolk coast for the Blyths reed warbler among other such rarerties. As long as they stuck around he would be heading up there for first light Sunday morning.   I waited for his call Saturday night to confirm and let the wife know I would be back for late lunch.
6am we were on the road and talking all things birding ( and about a certain West ham beating the palace & getting themselves into champions league place ... Liverpool was quickly mentioned to ) . We arrived at Wells woods and after a coffee & light read we were quickly in the area where the Blyths had been seen.

Early morning reading

Many birders arriving all the time as were the migrating birds,dropping in all over our heads as we walked through . Mainly redwings along with some Fieldfare and few Bramblings. Especially of note was the amount of Goldcrests, dripping from every tree wherever you looked. I've had a couple of Goldcrests in a tree before today but at times me & Yorkie had 5-6 Goldcrests in a small tree and of course all had to be checked!
After an hour of searching we decided to take a break and head to where the Red-Flanked Bluetail was . After 15 minutes it showed its self and showed it did! Yorkie picked up and as it dropped down I was in the right place to help the small crowd around to where it was. A cracking example of a Bluetail. This was only my second sighting of this species with previous one seen up near Waxham way. We both got good views and soaked it up along with the now drizzling rain and decided to head off to see if we could bag ourselves a Humes Leaf warbler & Yellow Browed warbler . Well we heard what seemed to be a Humes leaf warbler and most around said it was too and then saw that same bird go from tree to tree but at no point did I or Yorkie get any decent views to be able to definitely see all the needed key features so this will still be on the wanted list. No sign while we were there of Yellow browed but Connor & Ben Lewis and a few other birders said they had great views of a Pallas warbler too just moments before we arrived so it was all happening ! Can't have em all though ay? But before we left this area a few birders including Ben were on a Firecrest, nice bird and although not as close as I would have like never the less a Firecrest was in the bag and added to the days list. But we wanted more & the target bird now was to centre all our time on finding the Blyths reed warbler.On route back towards the area we had been earlier we bumped into James Emerson (Birdsandbeer ) so a quick chat with him before we carried on our way only to then bump into Simion Tonkins, who I hadn't seen since last year back on the patch . He was too heading for the Blyths so we all marched on wards where on arrival numbers were gathering. Bird had been seen a few times and it wasn't long till we heard it calling and then someone was on it. Every one made there way to where the birder was standing ( some quicker then others ... Simon , Yorkie  quicker please) and there it it was for all of 5 seconds but a great 5 seconds they were great were! It showed on and off as it made its way around and then it seemed to settle in a patch of brambles . Hear was where best views of the Blyths Reed Warbler & become no.266 on my UK life listwere given to the large crowd. Now it was time to head off back and as we did we were stopped in our tracks by a tired out Brambling. The bird just walking along the deck and up onto a fallen branch. Never had I been so close to one before. Poor thing was tired and hungry so we carefully left him alone & back to the car park just avoiding going over its allowed time. Coffee & sandwhich were taken as we made our way towards Beeston Regis but on route of note was a cracking Red kite over near Holkham. 
As we arrived the reported Long Eared Owl had now flown so we walked over the green to pick up an obliging Isabelline Shrike. A beauty of a bird (no.267) ! After around 15 minutes we noticed a number of birders were gathering around the side the hedges in the area where the LEO had been last seen. . We both knew this could mean the LEO had been re located so hot-footed it over. As we arrived it flew, right infront of us over to a large tree being mobbed by a load of Blackbirds. Stunning absolutely majestic as we watched it fly again and show how agile we was as it dived back down & doubled back on its self, loosing its crowd of mobbing Blackbirds (and the crowd of birders too!)This had been on my most wanted list for about 3 years so I was buzzing & I followed it over to the otherside of the road but could not relocate it. Long Eared Owl was now my 3rd lifer , no.268. We both decided it was time to get back home ,happy in the knowledge we had made the most of what North Norfolk had had to offer us that day. 
tired Brambling

Isabelline Shrike-no.267

Happy Birding,

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lifers, patch sightings & some moths .......

  So I've been rather slack to say the least as regards updates on here but will try to get back to some regularity(promise). I'll start with 2 new lifers added to my list. Firstly on the 30th June I had arranged a catch up over a pint or 2 with Yorkie . But come the day Yorkie had suggested maybe heading to Breydon water for the Pacific Golden plover . Super plan and before long we were walking down past the hide and heading towards the small crowd . Most had gone down to get a closer picture but we stayed up on the bank and actually I think had better views as the bird made its way towards us and with the evenings sun almost behind us . I was actually expecting a " nice looking " bird but this was a "stunner".  Rather elegent and striking.

Pacific Golden Plover -no.264

As we got gassing to a few who were nearby(nice to meet Stuart white among others) yorkie pointed out it was starting to prune it self and also raising its wings, in turn showing of its features. So we had a lifer (no.264) for my self & it was time for a quick pint !
 My next lifer was a trip to Theberton\leiston , Suffolk on the 9th July to see the Bee-eaters that had been seen the last few days. A cracking clear sunny evening was enough to persuade me to get in the Kangoo van after 7pm and head south . On route I picked up James Emerson & we were able to catch up on local patch sightings , if any on the way.We arrived and saw a crowd of people , a few friendly know faces, one of who was Ben Moysies. Ben  had kept me up to date that afternoon/evening as to there where abouts and pleased to show me a cracker of a picture he had taken of a Bee-eater moments earlier on arrival- superb! As we for set up the birds took to flight , all 10 of them and then took to the trees opposite us to roost. Great to see em flying around over the Suffolk landscape. They slowly dropped in and then a matter of picking them out with the bins/ scope. After a bit I managed to pick out a pair of Bee-eaters  huddled up , cheek2cheek. Rather cute I must admit.

a pair of Bee-eaters -no.265

  Now to work where I've seen some moths sightings. Some cracking ones pictured here from 14th July at Wymondom . Leopard moth and white satin (thanks to James Emerson& Chris small for help ID)

Leopard Moth

White Satin

Also a meal moth here

Meal Moth

And on the 16th July at work this beauty , white  Ermine .

White Ermine Moth

     Now to the recent patch visit - 2xOystercatchers,1x common Tern ,7x Lapwing,1x Kestrel &  2 x cracking Bullfinches (male & female) .
Also of note were the Butterflies on show:  Small skippers(3 at least ) ,a few Small Copper along with some Meadow brown &  Ringlets .

Small Skipper

Small Copper
Also some grasshoppers species. After checking with James blog and checking on his species guide to the patch here:-  . The first is a common field grasshopper but the second in stuck on? 

Common Field Grasshopper

All in all some good birding along with some moths & butterflies too. Plus my beloved West Ham are looking good for the coming season ahead with some good signings & youth coming through, so all is good
 Happy birding,

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Big Birding Day Out-14th may 2015

On Thursday 14th may me,Yorkie,Steve,Tony and Phil set out on our annual Big Birding day out, which we have done for the last 5 years now. I picked up Yorkie at 3.40 and we were with the others by 4am & on our way down to East Wretham. We started here for a change as we had been told of where to pick up Tree pipit,Woodlark and also that Redstart were back. Well let's get this out the way now.... We drew a blank on all 3 , that's not to say they weren't there though. What we did get was :- Song thrush,Blackbird,Wren,Chiffchaff,Robin,Chaffinch,Blue,Great& Coal Tit. Also on the water Little Grebe, Pochard,Egyptian goose, Mallard duck, Oystercatcher,Lapwing & Shelduck. Then as we walked round some more picking up Curlew,Herring gull, Lesser blacked backed gull, all fly overs and Mistle thrush, Wood pigeon and Corvids . We left for Santon Downham.

East Wretham
 As soon as we were out of the car Common Pheasant, Magpie, Stock Dove, Pied Wagtail. Then from bridge :- Grey Wagtail, Mandarin Duck & Collar Dive. We decided to not go all way down for a slim chance of Lesser Spotted but to walk to the bend and back. we soon had a very showy Garden Warbler, followed quickly by Common Whitethroat , Sedge Warbler and Blackcap among other common birds.

Grey Wagtail

Then I heard a Tree Pipit( a target bird for the day as not usually seen on the day out). After a bit of time Tony managed to pick it up on a tree top along the railway line-Luvly jubly!  As we made our way back to car we also picked up Nuthatch ,Kestrel, Moorhen,Goldfinch,Jay,Swallow & Reed Bunting. We left Santon at 7.35 to Lynford but a quick stop off at a location given to me by James. A nice spot with some clearings which gave us another closer view of Tree Pipits and nice looking Yellowhammers( forget sometimes how stunning these fellas are) but unfortunately not the hoped for woodlark this time. But as we were about to go  we the got a bonus bird in Goshawk! We all got on it as it slowly made its way across . Now I was happy!
Now to Lynford-8-45am- target bird was Firecrest and possible Hawfinch if we were really lucky , well we weren't but nice views of the expected Firecrest . Also Swift, Long tailed tit and Marsh tit picked up quickly with Tufted duck on the water.  Then as we turned to walk back to car park I heard and then saw Siskin. As we all got on it Yorkie picked up a Spotted Flycatcher high on the tree tops - now to the lake & as soon as we caught sight if the water it was evident there had been a large arrival of Hirundines.  We quickly added Sand & House Martin along with Great crested grebe and cormorant on water . As we leaving a Gt. Spotted woodpecker flew across . We were now on 56 species and on our way to Weeting Heath, picking House Sparrow as we drove.
Weeting Heath- 10.40am. We quickly were treated to probably the best views I've had of not only 1 but 5x Stone curlews! As we watched with the bonus of no heat haze( a first for me) we also picked up a Wheatear and Mistle Thrush. As we left a Green finch sung .

Stone Curlew
Lakenheath,11.30am. BHG, Cettis,Common Tern, Shoveler, Hobby,Stock Dove,Little Egret, Gadwall, Grey heron & a very showy Reed Warbler were all added quickly . Then as we walked up towards the 1st huge reed bed a Bearded tit was picked up by Phil. We all got on it just before it dropped down. Then 1 of a couple of Marsh harriers were noted before we told of a Great White Egret that was seen on the river a few moments before we arrived. So a quick walk back to the river and within minutes it took off and flew past us . A bird I was not expecting today so well chuffed!
Back towards the car and Dunnock was now added to list. We then stopped on the bridge in hope of hearing the reported Gropper . No sign but one of the lads then shouted Kingfisher, which flew low across the main road. I was in the car on the phone to the misses at this time but it didn't stop me turning to see the rear end of the Kingfisher and then pick up a perched Sparrowhawk!
  Now the longer drive to Flitcham , via Roydon common where we added just the one bird to the list , Grey Partridge.  We arrived at Flitchem at 2-30pm ( later then planned ) and soon was watching the Little owl which was well hidden among the truck of the tree. Soon after we picked up Red legged Partridge & Tree Sparrow.

Red Legged Partridge
Tree Sparrow
From here we headed to Hunstaton to pick up Feral pigeon,Common Gull & Fulmar. We arrived at Choseley Barns and tony showed us where to park to view the Dotterels. We were treated to super views to 18 in total ( the most I've personally seen together) and quickly added Yellow Wagtail  in route to Titchwell-4.15pm.
A few of the 18x Dotterels

Fulmar on nest
  At Titchwell we picked up Red crested Pochard, Little Tern, Little ringed plover, Black tailed Godwit, Little Gull, Dunlin , Turnstone,Common& Green Sandpiper ,Avocet ,Sanderling ,Redshank,Grey Plover,Linnet,Meadow Pipit & Brent Goose
Red Crested Pochard
We then decided to head towards the beach while we could as dark clouds and the ever increasing wind was getting worse. We picked up Gannet, Sandwhich Tern & Common Scoter from the sea along with Golden plover on the shoreline. Then as we walked back to the parrinder hide I spotted a flying Spoonbill cross and then land in the pool. We were now on 117 species for the day and soon made it 120 with Temmincks stint, Ringed Plover & Wigeon . We were not sure what to do with weather getting worse , fading light and time not on our side so we decided to miss out Cley and go to Salthouse Heath in hope of Nightingale & possible Nightjar. But although Barn Owl was picked up along Holkham, we were unable to see or hear anything else to add to our day list . We ended on 121 birds seen and 3 more heard only (Green Woodpecker, Tawny owl &Turtle Dove) giving us a total of 124 birds for the day. I had aimed for 130 before the day but weather was not great and lost time yet again was probably to blame as Cley was missed out this time. A great day as usual with the lads and enjoying what great birds this part of the country has to offer. Thanks for Steve for sorting out the day & Phil for driving_Already looking forward to next years!
 Happy Birding,


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Twitching a Finch!

   So last sunday me , caterina and the kids were on our way to Pettitis animal adventure at reedham when news broke of a Citril Finch at Holkham pines west end. A call from my mate Matt saying that he was on route , followed by a mass of activity on Twitter over the course of the morning had me thinking of where I would be at come late afternoon . But family first and after a picnic ,many rides on the Train, cup & saucer & pirate ship, we were on our way home. I decided to check what James, yorkie and Jim were up to. Before I knew it I was on route to pick James up and waiting for Yorkie to arrive at my house. Meantime a phone call from Matt got me very excited as did another phone call from Jim, as they both had been treated to super views & were both on way home. We hit the road & in no time we were driving down Lady Anne's drive , picking up some flying  Brent geese & Oystercatchers over. But these weren't even really noticed as it was a yellow/green finch that we were all thinking about . As we walked along the Pines heading for the west end we would see many birders passing us heading back to there cars all saying it was showing well, we speeded up our walk to now more of a fast walk/slow run . We were greeted to around 20+ people ,among them Steve & Tony who kindly pointed out where it was and then showed us in there scopes. Wow, a stunner! It was out in the open with the sun shining down on it catching its green,yellow and grey.

Citril Finch
We stood there watching it feed around 50 minutes before we decided to go . It wasn't as busy a twitch as I had imagined( hey I'm not moaning it was nice to have some room ) with the drive, walk up and then bird it self was probably the most enjoyable and relaxed twitch I've done so far. Any way that's no.263 on my life list and who knows the way things are going it could be 264 come June!

3 very happy lads!

Happy birding

Monday, 11 May 2015

Patch visits and Buckenham Gold!

   So a few patch visits over the last week to note-
 I decided to head to Careys  meadow before hitting the marsh . As I head round ,I picked up - 7x Swift over ( year tick) then a family of Bullfinches(luvly jubly), also 2 x singing garden warblers 2x Cettis warbler, then a very nice Lesser Whitethroat singing . Notably 5x Common Whitethroat among plenty of Blackcaps too, it really was a place in  song! Then 2 x pairs of Mistle thrush over among the trees as I left.

Garden warbler

A evening visit to the patch later in week with Yorkie & we were treated to Both Nightingales singing ,no Gropper heard but Cettis,Reed,sedge all vocal plus 7x Swallows east.

Little Ringed Plover

 Another visit to the patch gave me my first ( and a little over due ) Little Ringed Plover!There were 2 on the shingle bank . Delighted to see these little fellas return (From conversations with Justin, Probably breeding nearby  as in previous years) again Hobby over west as on last visit here around the same time. Then I had 2x Common Terns drop in .They settled for a while next to the pair of Lapwings before fishing on the broad and leaving east. A nice count 13x Sedge , along with 3x reed warblers ,2x cettis & 2x reed bunting . As I left a calling Female Cuckoo (bubbling) into trees as light was starting to fade was a proper nice way to end the visit .

Common Terns and Lapwings

   Now before I get to my Buckenham Visit I ll just mention a coupe of nice garden ticks. On the 3rd may my first Swift on the street , joined by 6 more on the 5th may . On the bank holiday weekend also a Common tern passed over the street heading south a nice garden life tick.
  Now a trip to Buckenham marshes was a good one . After watching 3x Hobbies over the main pool I was soon looking at a Pectoral sandpiper - a lifer for myself.

a poor record shot of Pec Sandpiper-262
After half hour I decided to head back but a phone call from Mr Bradley stopped me in my tracks. He wanted help getting on it..........from the otherside of the river!  The cheeky boy was pushing his luck for a patch tick! After alot of   " can u see the Redshank near the fence post"  and   " u know... Near the Canda goose, near that BHG nest"  he some how got on it, result!
 As I write this I've just returned from Holkham pines ...... Save that for my next blog post I think!
As usual, Happy birding

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Patch just keeps giving.....

  The Patch last night was yet another classic patch visit ;-
      As i walked around towards the Broad entrance I had a single Swallow over. I scanned the water and counted a total of 24x tufted,2x Gadwall,1x Grey Heron of note. Then as I left the Broad  to walk round towards the hide I saw a Hobby fly west over broad. At this point I had be joined by Mark and then Jeremy .Great to meet yeh !
 We spoke about the Hobby passing over and about the Patch sightings of late. Jeremy had to go and we continued on towards the kissing gate and I finally picked up my first first Reed warbler of the year!
 Then as we went further along we had a Grasshopper warbler - reeling! Then the night got even better as the Nightingale was back (or should I say it never went) .Me and Mark stood there soaking it up . Glorious stuff!
  So today I couldn't help but get myself back down there again. I'm glad I did because as soon I arrived, not only was I enjoying the song of 1 but 2  Nightingales!


 I watched and waited patiently until i had one in view. A quick bit of footage was taken:-

Nightingale in song
  After this I then noticed the second bird getting ever closer to the bird I was on. I was surprised how close he was allowed to get ,before they both ended up chasing one another around the shrub.
 Superb, absolutely  Pukka!
   That's all for now........

Happy birding

Friday, 24 April 2015

Work sightings,patch visits and family outting

 Last 2 weeks I've been working near Snetterton race track . The area is among a industrial estate that backs onto woods and farmland,with some wasteland full of sand & concrete. This proved to be a good spot to sit and have my lunch break.
Over the 2 weeks I had;-
LRPsx3, Oystercatcher, Sparrowhawk x2, Kestrel x2, common buzzard x4,Red legged Partridge x2,2x Pheasents, Swallows & House martins
view of the area

Little Ringed Plover

  This weekend gone I meet up with my patents at Icksworth house. A beautiful place to walk & eat. The main highlights ,birding wise were seen while walking down  to the larger of the 2 lakes , where we saw plenty of Swallows & House martins enjoying the sunshine & array of flying bugs on offer. But bird of the day was found On the way home as I passed Bury golf club in the verge opposite was  this :-

Reeves s Pheasent
A female Reeves's Pheasent. I never seen this species before and although not one to put on the life list a nice surprise.
 Back at work this week and by first holly blue and Orange Tip butterflies , along with this micro moth :- mint moth( thanks to David,James,Chris  & Jim for there help with ID)

Mint Moth

Now to the patch.
   I headed down the other day in hope of the Nightingale still being around but  no sign of it. Highlights being 1x Common\green sandpiper, 1x Oystercatcher, a decent number of Sedge warblers with 12 in total along with 3x Cettis and a few Swallows of note.
 Another evening visit brought much of the same but a surprise came in the shape of a Stoat, seen running across the shingle spit. A patch lifer for me!
Green and Common Sandpiper

Today, finally  while at work, south of the A47 I watched the resident pair of Common Buzzards displaying ,which soon got interrupted by a Red Kite, -superb bird and great watching as it continued to share the thermals
Common Buzzard and Red Kite
Anyway that's enough of  a round up for this month
Happy birding 

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Patch Gold....

  Before I get to tonight's sighting I did get to the patch at the beginning of the week and had a good bit of action
  On the shingle spit-
  1x Green sandpiper & 1x Common sandpiper  & returning migrants in 1x Sedge warbler ,,2x blackcap. Also 4x Chiffchaffs,3x Cettis & 5 x Common buzzards!
Common & Green sandpipers

  So I decided tonight that after we had put the kids down I would head to patch, in hope of a possible Grasshopper warbler , Barn owl or Tawny owl and to simply soak up the bird song as night falls. Unfortunately  George & Sophia had different plans and it wasnt until 7.45 pm that I was at the front door and in 2 minds weather to go or not. Well I decided on going & it would turn out to have been a great choice.
As I approached I could hear many Wrens singing there hearts out in this clear night. Then my first Willow warbler of the year, followed by 3x Sedge warblers and 4x Cettis as I approached the marshes. I searched for the Barn owls but no joy as I walked ,then I heard and saw a Tawny owl chasing or being chased by a Magpie( odd behaviour ?) this was well worth the visit alone as a patch tick. But as I stood watching the Tawny owl fly over the railway line I saw a bird fly across me into the bushes followed by a Blackbird. I thought nothing more untill I heard the loudest and most beautiful burst of song ....a Nightingale ! Yes a Nightingale! I stood with the biggest grin on my face and just listened to its bursts .

This is by far the best Buzz I've had from the patch along with the Merlin . As i remind my self of all those dull ,quiet ,lonely & sometimes disheartening days at the patch,this is whats it all for .... these magical moments.

Happy birding ,

Friday, 10 April 2015

Brecks part 2

 So this Wednesday at 6 am I picked up james(of birdsandbeer fame) & headed to the Brecks to join up with Jim & Ben Lewis. Before we headed for the usual specialities we started off in search of the Golden Pheasent . Jim had taken me to a super little site 4 years back when we had great views of  2x males & a female . This time we drew blank but a close view of a Woodlark was nice


Then after we drew another blank at another site,  Jim( tour leader for the day) suggested we headed to santon downham. From the bridge we had Brambling, lesser Redpoll & a pair of Mandarin ducks flying up river. Then as we made our way along the path we saw a second pair of Mandarin ducks, both settling in the tree .

male & female Mandarin ducks

 Other then some drumming Gt Spotted woodpeckers and some nice showy, calling Kestrels we decided to turn back to the cars but before we left santon Ben picked up a Goshawk . We all got on it, super !After watching it until it disappeared , with  the sun trying to break through we all decided on following Jims advice of the next site. A great decision as we soon had a displaying Goshawk among many Common Buzzard and possibly a second . We all stood and soaked up the performance it put on. Magic!
Other then a passing Curlew & singing YellowHammers we headed off to East Wrethem (but not before we had some easter treats)


 We gave it 20 mintues and I had to shoot to go to work for the afternoon. I hear the boys had a good afternoon getting views of Red Kites & Stone Curlews among others.
 It was a great days birding, with great company. Thanks again Jim for sorting it out!
Happy birding,


Thursday, 9 April 2015

The Brecks part 1

 I had decided that I needed to get to the Brecks more then just the two visits I did last year and so last week I went for the Great grey shrike but before that I headed to Lynford . It was near mid day and on arrival I meet up with Joe and Will( nice to meet yeh fella!) and immediately checked out the area where the Hawfinch have been feeding on the ground . No joy but did have cracking views of Brambling & Siskin.


The day quickly got Better as in the pines near the Folly we had 3x Firecrest!  One even going to ground and giving the best views I've personally ever had of this species. After enjoying these super little busy birds we decided we would head to Grimmes Graves. On arrival we saw David [nice to meet yeh],a  fella we had been chatting to earlier and we all set up scanning the bush tops  & trees. Will soon picked up the Great Grey Shrike and we were given superb views. A real stunner

Great Grey Shrike

 You gotta just love the Brecks,
 Happy Birding,

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

March patch round up

So I've been a bit slack lately with updating my blog so here's a quick round up :
a number of visits and highlights being -
6.3.15 : flock of Golden plover over (patch tick!)& a nice hunting Barn owl,
13.3.15- a Gooseander, & a nice Ringed plover heading east over broad.(also another patch tick)
19.3.15 -a flock of 36x Redwings ,5x Oystercatchers( my record count here) &2x Water Rails . My first Chiffchaff of the year was heard along with another & a flock of 13x Long tail tits held a single Goldcrest.
23.3.15- 31x Common gulls (again a record count here for me) and my first Reed Bunting of the year calling.
Finally a Aprils fools visit with Joe( nice to meet yeh!) produced little but noticeably the wildfowl numbers were now down to what I expected, 26x Teal, 6x gadwall & 4x Teal
All on all a good month considering precious years for this month
Happy birding

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Waveny Forest and patch visit......

   Arranged to meet up with Jim on Saturday  afternoon and planned to head to Waveny forest . First though a quick visit to Surlingham church marsh. We heard a Bullfinch as we made our way to the river. Other then a couple of common Buzzards it was looking quiet until we turned the bend and saw what looked like a Tuftie but as we got closer it was clear it wasn't but rather a female Scaup!

 After this we decided to take alook off the track. We soon had a Woodcock take off , to only turn right for us, giving superb views . We headed to the cars and as we got ready to leave picked up 3x Mistle Thrush & 3xSong thrushes .
   At Waveny forest we were treated to a heck of a east 7 x Short-eared owls, along with a Rough legged Buzzard, 3 Barn Owl ,2 Common Buzzard, Kingfisher ! Fantastic place and watching the the Short Ears battle it out among the air was pukka .

 Now back at the patch today I started off with a Green Finch signing which was actually my first for year, quickly followed by  a Grey Heron and then a smart looking Jay. It was at this point I noticed the digger on the marsh.

A decided to have a quick butchers with the driver who explained they were doing some work on the dykes. I decided to approach the flooded marsh and as I did i spooked a Chinese water deer, and then a load of Common Snipe. As they all took the air they flocked together and was able to count x 36 , very nice.
On the broad the wildfowl numbers were lower then usual ( perhaps some are now moving on) bit of note was 3x Little grebes. Also 12x Lapwings & 2x Oystercatchers on the shingle spit.

Also I have notices from the last few nights that the Starlings have been gathering over Unthank Road and actually attempting to land it seemed in the huge trees but then at the last second taken up and head off to the city centre. .Perhaps this is a place of meet or a pre roost? Either way it was nice. Im lucky enough to watch the Starlings from outside my house most evenings when I get home. It wont be happening for much longer so make the most of it guys!

 Also a couple pictures from my favourite British bird ,taken while at work last week which made for a super lunch break

Bull Finch- enough said!
Happy birding