short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Lifers, patch sightings & some moths .......

  So I've been rather slack to say the least as regards updates on here but will try to get back to some regularity(promise). I'll start with 2 new lifers added to my list. Firstly on the 30th June I had arranged a catch up over a pint or 2 with Yorkie . But come the day Yorkie had suggested maybe heading to Breydon water for the Pacific Golden plover . Super plan and before long we were walking down past the hide and heading towards the small crowd . Most had gone down to get a closer picture but we stayed up on the bank and actually I think had better views as the bird made its way towards us and with the evenings sun almost behind us . I was actually expecting a " nice looking " bird but this was a "stunner".  Rather elegent and striking.

Pacific Golden Plover -no.264

As we got gassing to a few who were nearby(nice to meet Stuart white among others) yorkie pointed out it was starting to prune it self and also raising its wings, in turn showing of its features. So we had a lifer (no.264) for my self & it was time for a quick pint !
 My next lifer was a trip to Theberton\leiston , Suffolk on the 9th July to see the Bee-eaters that had been seen the last few days. A cracking clear sunny evening was enough to persuade me to get in the Kangoo van after 7pm and head south . On route I picked up James Emerson & we were able to catch up on local patch sightings , if any on the way.We arrived and saw a crowd of people , a few friendly know faces, one of who was Ben Moysies. Ben  had kept me up to date that afternoon/evening as to there where abouts and pleased to show me a cracker of a picture he had taken of a Bee-eater moments earlier on arrival- superb! As we for set up the birds took to flight , all 10 of them and then took to the trees opposite us to roost. Great to see em flying around over the Suffolk landscape. They slowly dropped in and then a matter of picking them out with the bins/ scope. After a bit I managed to pick out a pair of Bee-eaters  huddled up , cheek2cheek. Rather cute I must admit.

a pair of Bee-eaters -no.265

  Now to work where I've seen some moths sightings. Some cracking ones pictured here from 14th July at Wymondom . Leopard moth and white satin (thanks to James Emerson& Chris small for help ID)

Leopard Moth

White Satin

Also a meal moth here

Meal Moth

And on the 16th July at work this beauty , white  Ermine .

White Ermine Moth

     Now to the recent patch visit - 2xOystercatchers,1x common Tern ,7x Lapwing,1x Kestrel &  2 x cracking Bullfinches (male & female) .
Also of note were the Butterflies on show:  Small skippers(3 at least ) ,a few Small Copper along with some Meadow brown &  Ringlets .

Small Skipper

Small Copper
Also some grasshoppers species. After checking with James blog and checking on his species guide to the patch here:-  . The first is a common field grasshopper but the second in stuck on? 

Common Field Grasshopper

All in all some good birding along with some moths & butterflies too. Plus my beloved West Ham are looking good for the coming season ahead with some good signings & youth coming through, so all is good
 Happy birding,