short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Thursday, 11 October 2018

A Pair of Pec’s , a Bunting, a Pipit & a Starling!

So on the 2nd of this month I managed to pop into Buckenham Marshes to see if the 2x Pectorial Sandpipers we’re still there as reported the previous few days. Sure they were and within 5 minutes I was watching them both feeding along with a Dunlin for size comparison. My second & third sighting of this species.

 On the 8th I nipped off work early to get up to Waxham to see if I could connect with the Ortalon Bunting which had been reported the day before.  I meet up with Matt and we made a way down to the caravan park and joined the small crowd.
Seals on Waxham shore

While there waiting we had at least 4 x flight views of a Richard Pipit but always mobile . Then we had the Ortalon Bunting in flight twice before lost to view as it flew north and landed . Not the views I wanted but as I walked back to the  van I had the bird on the pathway at the dunes tops. I watched it as it flew up and dropped again before I saw it quickly fly off to the middle of the nearby bush before flying south back towards the crowd . Great bird and my 285 th British bird and 271st Norfolk bird.
 Then today the 11th where I got myself to see the Rose-Coloured Starling which has decided to settle in  a garden in among a housing estate. I joined around 10 other local birders outside before the owner kindly opened the door and invited us inside. We were soon watching the Starling feeding in the owners garden. Great views of only by second sighting of this bird and it was my first adult bird so even better. I was  able to get a video and picture which nice !

Rose-Coloured Starling

 So a rewarding  October ,bird wise so far.  But the month isn’t over yet!
 Happy Birding

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