short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Patch just keeps giving.....

  The Patch last night was yet another classic patch visit ;-
      As i walked around towards the Broad entrance I had a single Swallow over. I scanned the water and counted a total of 24x tufted,2x Gadwall,1x Grey Heron of note. Then as I left the Broad  to walk round towards the hide I saw a Hobby fly west over broad. At this point I had be joined by Mark and then Jeremy .Great to meet yeh !
 We spoke about the Hobby passing over and about the Patch sightings of late. Jeremy had to go and we continued on towards the kissing gate and I finally picked up my first first Reed warbler of the year!
 Then as we went further along we had a Grasshopper warbler - reeling! Then the night got even better as the Nightingale was back (or should I say it never went) .Me and Mark stood there soaking it up . Glorious stuff!
  So today I couldn't help but get myself back down there again. I'm glad I did because as soon I arrived, not only was I enjoying the song of 1 but 2  Nightingales!


 I watched and waited patiently until i had one in view. A quick bit of footage was taken:-

Nightingale in song
  After this I then noticed the second bird getting ever closer to the bird I was on. I was surprised how close he was allowed to get ,before they both ended up chasing one another around the shrub.
 Superb, absolutely  Pukka!
   That's all for now........

Happy birding

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