short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Friday, 24 April 2015

Work sightings,patch visits and family outting

 Last 2 weeks I've been working near Snetterton race track . The area is among a industrial estate that backs onto woods and farmland,with some wasteland full of sand & concrete. This proved to be a good spot to sit and have my lunch break.
Over the 2 weeks I had;-
LRPsx3, Oystercatcher, Sparrowhawk x2, Kestrel x2, common buzzard x4,Red legged Partridge x2,2x Pheasents, Swallows & House martins
view of the area

Little Ringed Plover

  This weekend gone I meet up with my patents at Icksworth house. A beautiful place to walk & eat. The main highlights ,birding wise were seen while walking down  to the larger of the 2 lakes , where we saw plenty of Swallows & House martins enjoying the sunshine & array of flying bugs on offer. But bird of the day was found On the way home as I passed Bury golf club in the verge opposite was  this :-

Reeves s Pheasent
A female Reeves's Pheasent. I never seen this species before and although not one to put on the life list a nice surprise.
 Back at work this week and by first holly blue and Orange Tip butterflies , along with this micro moth :- mint moth( thanks to David,James,Chris  & Jim for there help with ID)

Mint Moth

Now to the patch.
   I headed down the other day in hope of the Nightingale still being around but  no sign of it. Highlights being 1x Common\green sandpiper, 1x Oystercatcher, a decent number of Sedge warblers with 12 in total along with 3x Cettis and a few Swallows of note.
 Another evening visit brought much of the same but a surprise came in the shape of a Stoat, seen running across the shingle spit. A patch lifer for me!
Green and Common Sandpiper

Today, finally  while at work, south of the A47 I watched the resident pair of Common Buzzards displaying ,which soon got interrupted by a Red Kite, -superb bird and great watching as it continued to share the thermals
Common Buzzard and Red Kite
Anyway that's enough of  a round up for this month
Happy birding 

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