short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Patch Gold....

  Before I get to tonight's sighting I did get to the patch at the beginning of the week and had a good bit of action
  On the shingle spit-
  1x Green sandpiper & 1x Common sandpiper  & returning migrants in 1x Sedge warbler ,,2x blackcap. Also 4x Chiffchaffs,3x Cettis & 5 x Common buzzards!
Common & Green sandpipers

  So I decided tonight that after we had put the kids down I would head to patch, in hope of a possible Grasshopper warbler , Barn owl or Tawny owl and to simply soak up the bird song as night falls. Unfortunately  George & Sophia had different plans and it wasnt until 7.45 pm that I was at the front door and in 2 minds weather to go or not. Well I decided on going & it would turn out to have been a great choice.
As I approached I could hear many Wrens singing there hearts out in this clear night. Then my first Willow warbler of the year, followed by 3x Sedge warblers and 4x Cettis as I approached the marshes. I searched for the Barn owls but no joy as I walked ,then I heard and saw a Tawny owl chasing or being chased by a Magpie( odd behaviour ?) this was well worth the visit alone as a patch tick. But as I stood watching the Tawny owl fly over the railway line I saw a bird fly across me into the bushes followed by a Blackbird. I thought nothing more untill I heard the loudest and most beautiful burst of song ....a Nightingale ! Yes a Nightingale! I stood with the biggest grin on my face and just listened to its bursts .

This is by far the best Buzz I've had from the patch along with the Merlin . As i remind my self of all those dull ,quiet ,lonely & sometimes disheartening days at the patch,this is whats it all for .... these magical moments.

Happy birding ,

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