short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Friday, 3 June 2011

Broad-Billed Sandpiper and garden finds.......

  Well lets start off with a new bird for Shaky, Broad -Billed Sandpiper!I headed down to Breydon Water at lunch time and heard that all the waders had rested up as the tide was in. So i took this time to scan the birds that were on the mud and grass while eating me lunch. Nothing to mention other then 2x Knots (nice summer plumage) ,lots of  Ringed Plovers & a pair of Sparrowhawks which came across low and in doing so caused the waders to take to the air only to come back down to the spit to the right of the hide. Nice one Sparrowhawk! Me along with a couple of other friendly birders begun to scan away through the 70 + Dunlins . A lad to my left soon got on it and helped us all get it. A bit of  heat haze was the only down side from a perfect lunch break, but cant have it all( it could have been raining and that wouldn't have been good for me or the bird).

  So what else have i seen this week ? Well at New Cossey while at work i noticed that a large number of House Martins & Swallows were dropping in amongst a building site. I looked closer and realised that they had found a small pool of water in the sand piles and were using it for there home improvements! I had a great few moments watching these cracking fellas drop in right in front of me and take some wet sand and water and off back to the houses opposite. I grab a picture on me phone for the blog.

Building Site

Swallow & House Martins
  At home in the garden i managed to spot a couple of Moths. Now i have never been one to pay attention to these pretty little creatures but after watching a bit devoted to Moths on Springwatch the other night i decided to try and brush up on em. A Yellow Shell and a Cinnabar i believe. ( please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!)

Yellow Shell

  One evening this week while eating at my father in laws house i managed to add female & male Blackcap and a Green Woodpecker  to the ever growing garden list ive started a couple of months ago. Both two good birds to have on any list.   And finally at home the Swifts have moved in next door but one & ive enjoyed watching them from my back garden as they rather clumsily crash into the tiles and then gliding out again. I was able to see a pair mate in the air which was a first for me. They really do , do everything on the wing!! Any way thats all for now,
    Happy Birding, Shaky

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