short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Friday, 27 May 2011

A quick round up ......

Well ill start off with saying i had a stag weekend  in Nottingham so no birding was done, other then a cracking view of a Red Kite over the A1 . Always a pleasure and i think the lads who were in the car with me enjoyed seeing it too although they were probably more interesed in getting home and into bed (didnt get to sleep till 5 am- think im getting too old for this!)
 Well back in Norfolk and at work it's been a busy month if your a Great /Blue Tit it seems as all I've been seeing is these energetic little birds fly in and out of my customers boxes as i go about my work . I counted on one caravan site I clean at least 13x nesting Blue Tits and 2x Great Tits . As well as finding a beautifully made Long Tail Tits nest in a small bush.
While working one day last week I found a lost little Long Tail Tit . I saw it on the pavement and managed to carefully encourage it to the bushes , where I watched it's parents come down and feed it . Such a cute little thing ! Also a young Thrush managed to perch itself on a window I was about to clean. I tried not upset it too much but think me coming at it with a squeegee and blade in hand was bit too much for it to take and it flew to the fence! The House Martins have returned to a particular area of flats in Norwich where i work. I loved watching em build there nests here last year and again I had to just stand and watch again as they made repairs to last years home or begun the busy job of building from scratch in some cases!
 Also I enjoyed watching a pair of Sparrowhawks displaying to each other in the air at New Cossey.They were doing some sort if 'bombing'  display at each other as I would describe it.Made for Very good watching .While working in cringleford i took a lunch break down at the river & was given great views of a pair of Grey Wagtails feeding there young , along with a Blackcap, Sedge/ Reed Warblers, Grey Heron and a cracking perched Garden Warbler . Also some surprise entertainment from a family of  Otters that appeared on the bank and then one by one all made there way into the river. Absolutely brilliant ! So good to watch as they 'clowned around' in the water. Probably my best lunch break to date!
  A BBQ at my brother in laws Monday gave me chance to search for the Little Owl that I saw there last year. Well it didn't disappoint as on the way home around 10 o'clock a Little Owl was sitting in the road. about half a mile from there farm. Me and cat just sat there in the van for a few minutes  watching as it made it's way up to the telegraph wires and then back down . Super bird!
  Finally i nipped into Strumpshaw Fen for an hour or so`s birding. A good decision as i picked up a Hobby, Cettis Warbler ( sitting out in view in bush near the Fen Hide) , usual Warblers, Sparrowhawk and then the best of the lot... Osprey! My first of the year and a very good view too. Must of talked it up as when chatting to Ben who volunteers there was telling me it had been seen there that morning. After watching it fly out over to Surlingham i walked back to the visitor hide and spotted some unusual Moths. I have to be honest here i haven't the foggiest idea about these little things but was kindly explained by a fellow wildlife lover that they were: Elephant Moth, Eyed Hawk Moth and a Buffermine Moth (hope i spelt these right !). Very interesting and a nice end to my week.
 We will see what the weekend brings ........


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