short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Waveny Forest and patch visit......

   Arranged to meet up with Jim on Saturday  afternoon and planned to head to Waveny forest . First though a quick visit to Surlingham church marsh. We heard a Bullfinch as we made our way to the river. Other then a couple of common Buzzards it was looking quiet until we turned the bend and saw what looked like a Tuftie but as we got closer it was clear it wasn't but rather a female Scaup!

 After this we decided to take alook off the track. We soon had a Woodcock take off , to only turn right for us, giving superb views . We headed to the cars and as we got ready to leave picked up 3x Mistle Thrush & 3xSong thrushes .
   At Waveny forest we were treated to a heck of a east 7 x Short-eared owls, along with a Rough legged Buzzard, 3 Barn Owl ,2 Common Buzzard, Kingfisher ! Fantastic place and watching the the Short Ears battle it out among the air was pukka .

 Now back at the patch today I started off with a Green Finch signing which was actually my first for year, quickly followed by  a Grey Heron and then a smart looking Jay. It was at this point I noticed the digger on the marsh.

A decided to have a quick butchers with the driver who explained they were doing some work on the dykes. I decided to approach the flooded marsh and as I did i spooked a Chinese water deer, and then a load of Common Snipe. As they all took the air they flocked together and was able to count x 36 , very nice.
On the broad the wildfowl numbers were lower then usual ( perhaps some are now moving on) bit of note was 3x Little grebes. Also 12x Lapwings & 2x Oystercatchers on the shingle spit.

Also I have notices from the last few nights that the Starlings have been gathering over Unthank Road and actually attempting to land it seemed in the huge trees but then at the last second taken up and head off to the city centre. .Perhaps this is a place of meet or a pre roost? Either way it was nice. Im lucky enough to watch the Starlings from outside my house most evenings when I get home. It wont be happening for much longer so make the most of it guys!

 Also a couple pictures from my favourite British bird ,taken while at work last week which made for a super lunch break

Bull Finch- enough said!
Happy birding

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