short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Monday, 21 April 2014

A Gooseander& more!

Patch visit gave me some much needed patch arrivals.
From the moment I stepped on the broad I could hear a  Sedge warbler along with the sound of a Martin over head. They were House martins passing through east bound along with 3x Swallows. I got to the broad & picked up my first Sedge warbler of year, a great view as it sung on top of the reeds. I knew these had arrived  here end off last week/over the weekend but was unable to get here. A great migrant which now took over, (along with the Blackcaps) from the Chiffchaffs and wrens as the main songster in town .
I picked up the now usual suspects on the spit: oystercatchers , stock doves,lapwings, moorhens & black headed gulls, actually the stock doves  were now numbering 8 which was a good total for this month here.
As I searched more a Common Sandpiper appeared among the vegetation -Cracking bird for this side migration .
 I made my way round, picking up a couple if singing Blackcaps , Reed buntings( not as many as this time last year) and blackbirds(noticeably x6 males which seemed higher then usual) and picked up 7x lapwings taking to the air from the marsh scrape, with 2x grey herons flying above. At this point it started to drizzle so I took shelter under a tree and heard what seemed to be a quietly singing Reed warbler. 
It was then that Sir Bradley rung me ( not the one from sky pro cycling  but the other famous one) to chat all things bird related and a bit of Manchester United ( shame to see them struggle isn't it, he says with a grin!). As I stood listening to the update of what's around and looking upwards, I saw a stunning drake Goosender fly up river over the broad and down to Whitlingham! Superb bird and obviously the same one James had picked up few days ago at whitlingham and in super plumage too. My second record for the patch.It appeared again later heading up river to postwick. I think if Jim hadn't of rung  me I probably would have still been  looking in that area for the Reed warbler .  
5x Sand Martins  were picked up as i made my way Round to bridge again along with 2 x cettis and another Sedge (2/3 in total)  all of which made it a good visit indeed. 
Happy birding 

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