short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Station Marshes/Whitlingham CP & a trip to the Cathedral.........

March 20th:
  I had heard that a Little Ringed Plover had been seen down at Station Marshes so i headed down there around 8.30 . Walking down to the main pathway, i picked up 2x Reed Buntings and a Flying Grey Heron over the river. As i approached the Marshes i scanned out towards the Scrape and other then plenty of Tufteds  , 2x Goldeneye were the stand out of the Ducks. I scanned the Marsh from the Cattle fence and quickly picked out 2x Little Ringed Plovers! A nice year tick and nice close views too.

Female Reed Bunting

Male Reed Bunting

Little Ringed Plovers

 A single teal was the only other bird about so off i went around the river , looking in the reeds and bushes as i went, in hope of an early migrant ! After plenty of  calling Blue & Great Tits , i heard a rather loud Chiff Chaff!! It didn't take long to track it down and managed to set up on the bank and enjoy watching this busy little Warbler make  its way along the bare reeds and bushes. Before leaving i picked up another Chiff Chaff and heard a singing Cettis at the Bridge.
  I headed off toWhitlingham next for a quick scan:
   I got 3 more Chiff Chaffs on pathway to the Observation Area, 2x Great Crested Grebes displaying to each other which was good, along with 4x Little Grebes  but not much to report other then a couple of Long Tailed Tit Flocks.

Great Crested Grebe

  Next stop was the Cathedral (and no, not to pray!),

 I pulled into the Adam & Eve Pub Car park and set me scope up on the box that has been placed towards the top of the spire.Both the Peregrine Falcons were  there ! The male was on a small Statue (or boss) to the right of the box and the Female , further up the Spire (which i recall is the second tallest Spire in England!).I enjoyed watching these Awesome Falcons in the cracking Sunlight , and especially when the Male decided to take off , giving me good views as it playfully swooped through the Pigeon flocks . Lovely mornings birding- now back for early Lunch !
Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

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