short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Iceland Gull......

March 21st:
  I nipped down to grab the Iceland Gull down at Links Ave Car park ,and was rewarded with Fantastic views, although after a little wait. I scanned through the flying flocks and no White Gull at all.While walking around the Car park another Birder said he`d been down 3 times the previous week to no prevail (started to think it weren't gonna happen) but as we spoke he spotted it fly across ! I got on it as it carried on towards Gunton and looked as if that was it but this Birder i had got chatting to had come prepared and threw half a loaf off bread into the air, in doing so tempting the Gull to do a U-turn and join the Black Headed & odd Herring Gulls that were quickly tucking into it!  It firstly perched up on one of the Groins and after a few minutes and some nice birding chat , it landed on the Car park in front of us - Not as White as i was expecting but more of a coffee/creamy colour, as this was a immature -Either way it stood out when next to any other Gull. Lifer no.214.

Iceland Gull (no.214)

Iceland Gull (no. 214)
  A quick check up at the Point for any Purple Sandpipers brought no joy, but did get some great close up views of a Sparrow Hawk which came swooping into a bush along the fences of  the Warehouses. It was time to head back to Norwich to pick Cat up from work!

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