short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Monday, 7 March 2011

March is here.....!

  So spring is just around the corner , and with these gorgeous fresh blue sky mornings Ive been waking up too  i can believe it! Well i had a busy weekend but managed a trip to see the Slavonian Grebe . But before i got to Hardley Staithe i popped into Loddon its self ,basically to see what was there as i`d never been there before! Well from the car park i saw plenty of rather fat Mallards and a few coots & a Moorhen (along with some friendly "bread throwing" kids). I walked a little further and noticed something small beside`s a small Boat . Looking more closely i saw it was a Little Grebe & within seconds of studying it, i noticed another behind it, hiding underneath the engine s propeller. They looked really cracking , just bobbing up & down together.

2x Little Grebes

As i headed back to the van i saw a Little Egret in the wet fields behind , along with 2x Grey Herons, and a calling Redwing in the trees.

I headed off to find Hardley Staithe.The directions i had took me straight there within minutes( not always great with directions, but these were idiot proof!). I stepped out of the van and as i approached the Staithe edge it was there in front of me beside some moored up Boats- Magic!

This was my first Slavonian Grebe and i couldn't believe how close up i was able to view it! I had brought my scope but i didn't need it. i just simply sat on the bank edge and enjoyed watching it as it frequently dived and waited to see where it pop up next(usually around the same area to my delight).

I couldn't help but feel it was putting on a show for me,posing every time it came up- so i felt it was only right i should take my digital camera out and click away! Although my camera is only a Sony Cyber Shot it didn't matter as it came up so close to me i had to only hold & point ! 

                                                              Slavonian Grebe (no.213)
After having this Super Grebe all to my self for about 30 minutes and with temperature dropping quickly  ,i decided it was time to nip off. I doubt i will ever get this close to one again but you never know what might happen in Norfolk & anyway i have some cracking photos to remind me.It was time to get home for some well earned dinner !

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