short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Patch tick!!

Well a quick patch visit on a cold but beautiful day- I went in hope of a Sawbill and as I approached the bridge I was impressed at how busy  the Broad was. Gulls every where and probably most of the Wildfowl from Whitlingham was here! I had a good feeling so went straight down to scan across the Broad & shingle spit. There was Teal lurking along what seemed the whole of the Broad edge , along with huge amount of Gadwall & Tufted ducks. My first Pochards of the winter here too( although I sure I've just missed em on my few visits) which were enjoying the sunshine. A pair Canada geese on the water along with a plenty of Moorhen & Coots made for a very full broad.

Little Grebe

A single Snipe on the shingle spit along with 17 x Lapwings but Sadly my good feeling of a Sawbill was wrong as none seen . A nice Little Grebe & a pair of Great crested Grebes, along the river & a flock of 7x Long Tailed Tits passed through in the trees at the bird screen . Then I picked up a Chinese Water Deer along the other side of the waters edge.

Chinese Water Deer

 After here I walked along  to the River green further up to see if the Med Gull that Justin & James had both reported previously was still present . I soon picked it up and got a couple of pictures. Super views as it mingled in with other gulls-I've only ever had this species when up at Gt Yarmouth on days out with Yorkie & his dad so a patch tick here ,so close to he city is pukka!
While there I tried out my ID skills on the Gulls. Mainly Black-Headed Gulls, but a few Common Gulls and Herring gulls too. - I've always struggled with gulls, (probably more like i haven't been bothered enough then struggled actually )but after this Med gull turned up I should really pay more attention  ( your book is getting well used Jim!). Interestingly 1 of the Black-Headed Gulls was rung and after speaking to James (birdsandbeer) he informed me this bird is from Norway and was rung in 2012.

Mediterranean Gull & a coloured rung Black-Headed Gull behind

So no Sawbill but a patch life tick in Med Gull , so all is good !
Happy birding

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