short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow at the Patch provides its gems!

 A walk around the snowy Marsh and Broad was a real treat today. I was hoping to catch up with one of the Siskin flocks and maybe a Redpoll tool- well i was in luck, because as i looked along the Railway track and watched the Foxes play chicken with the Train, up in the Alders was 11x Siskins,- a good search but no Redpoll but i know ill catch up with em soon!
 I made my way along to the Marsh and as i did i heard a Water Rail calling from the channel along the Broad and Marsh. Once at the Marsh i noticed a huge gathering of Gulls.A search through and some 8xSnipe were resting up at the back among the vegetation along with 22x Lapwings and then everything all of a sudden took to the air- i looked up to see a falling Grey Heron! It was diving (in a sort of clumsy Heron way) and then swooped down and up.It didnt seem to get anything but made for a good Ariel display and filled the sky with Gulls .
I continued round and noticed a small flock of Linnets over head and a couple of Teal took to the sky out from one of the channels.As i walked further i heard and then saw a Water Rail. It took off across the path into another channel. i was unable to pick it up again but that brief view was enough.I hope to get better views here while its still cold over the next few weeks.
Grey Heron upsets the party!
 I made my way round to the Hide and counted up the Ducks on the Broad:
39x Teal
50+ x Gadwall
31x Pochard
As i turned to head back i glanced over to the River and scanned the banks.Im glad i did as i got to see a super Dunlin!(ok not the most super looking wader your see but here in Thorpe ,now thats super!).
I got to watch it make its way along the bank and then take off to only go back to where it started.
 I got back to the van with cold hands but with 3 new patch ticks -Siskin, Water Rail and Dunlin, Lovely Jubly.
 Happy Birding,

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