short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Last weeks finds- More quality Lunch Breaks!!

 I had a nip off to Barton Broad during my lunch break on Wednesday as i was working at Wroxham so i hoped for the weather to stay dry.It did and i was treated to 3x Scaup among a flock of Coots and 3x Smews (Red heads) . While watching em  they all took off (not too far away thankfully) and looking up to see why there was a Marsh harrier.I wasn't on my own as a very friendly birder was there and we got chatting.He pointed out that there were 2x Pintail over at the edge both Drakes so a real pleasure to the eye! Other birds of note were a single Gooseander (Red head) and 10+ Goldeneye.
On Thursdays lunch break a trip to Cringleford Yare Valley Walk.I work on the main road so i took take full advantage of making every minute of my a half hour break count! I didn't see any thing on the river other then a Moorhen and a couple of Mallards until i looked up to see 2x Common Buzzards circling .I then heard that favourite call of mine, that piping "Phew". Yes up along the thickets and brambles were 3x Bullfinches.Those that me or have followed my blog will know this is my favourite common bird(not so common as they were and not so easy to see either) so this was a treat.They were showing well, that is as well as a Bullfinch shows.I watched as they worked there way along and then i had to get back to work.

Cracking birds!

 After work i quickly headed to Uea broad and picked up a Kingfisher in the usual spot and a Gooseander on the Broad its self. Interestingly i had 2 Chinese Water Deer run out across my path and out into the open and across the rugby pitch! I think that one was chasing the other closely.Very unusual behaviour to see them so exposed .


Well thats my weekly round up(,a little late im sorry!)
 Happy birding,

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