short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Monday, 18 April 2011

17-4-11 Strumpshaw Fen

  As soon as i jumped out the van i was greeted with a singing Blackcap , Willow Warbler and2x  Chiff Chaffs. I walked through to main reception hide and other then a few Pochards and noisy nesting Black Headed   Gulls there wasn't alot. I walked down to the sandy track picking up a Blue Tit in one of the boxes that has been put up. This little bird had so much moss in his beak he kept dropping it and going to ground to pick it back up.This happened at least 3 times in the short time i watched him and I'm sure many times more after i left! (such busy & hard working little birds), A Song Thrush was next and too a singing Willow Warbler along with 2x Marsh Tits.

Willow Warbler

     I nipped into the Fen Hide to be greeted by a friendly birder(Paul) saying   `theres a Ferruginous Duck out here ! ` I was straight on it and  was able to enjoy it for 5 minutes or so before it drifted out of sight ,although appearing again shortly but somewhat restricted views. I was able to get a few pic`s for the blog which were a real bonus too, along with a passing Chinese Water Deer!
Ferruginous Duck

Chinese Water Deer
  As i poured myself a cuppa and tucked into me ham & cheese roll, a shout for Greenshank over the back . Nice wader to get here.

 I left the hide and up towards the Tower hide. Along the way i stopped for half an hour listening to at least 2x Grasshooper Warblers reeling out there song, but to never see unfortunately. Tower hide held plenty of Shoveler`s, 4x Gadwell, Tufted`s, couple of Shelducks and 2x Stock Doves.
  I made by way down Lackford run and picking up lots of Peacock & Orange tip Butterflies- stunning.

Sedge Warbler

As i got  to the train line i got a stunning view of a  Sedge Warbler up on top of a bush, out in the sun , and just after a nice couple of pictures it dropped into the reeds. A fitting end.

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