short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Friday, 15 April 2011

12/4/11- Thorpe Marshes

 I nipped down to the Marshes after work after seeing that James ( had seen the LRP were still there.


I headed down the path , picking up Blackcap and Reed Bunting  as i walked. On coming to the concrete platform area i scanned out to see 3x LPR`s and also 8x Stock Doves . I was pleased they were still here and so viewable. I checked the few posts that are there and saw a Pied Wagtail. As i scanned across to the next post i couldn't quite believe my luck .. a Wheatear was sitting there all proud! A super bird to find any day but also at in an inland site makes it all that more special. 


 I was enjoying this colourful Chat as it hopped about the ground and managed to get a few more digi scope pic`s as it slowly made its self across the marsh.! I informed Yorkie on the old `dog` and he later picked it up as he was passing on his way home from work, along with the LPR`s which was good to hear. As i left the LPR`s went up making a heck of noise and i counted not 3, but 7x LPR`s ! They dipped down and landed on the shingle the other side. Beautiful.

 ps. sorry for lateness of blog- been proper busy few days!!

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