short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Waxwings won`t leave me alone ! (but im not complaining)

Well i think its time i round up what ive seen on my work patch( or should i say work patches). I had the fantastic and the ever stunning, Waxwings come join me at work the start of January off Ipswich Road  in the city. Cleaning away(hard at work as usual) i heard that now familer call coming from above me. Looking up in the tree full of manky old apples were 6 Waxwings! Cracking views, although the weather was pretty naff, they were very close & didnt seem to notice i was there. After 10 minutes of watching em i decided it was best to move on carry on earning some money.As Bill Oddie used to say `always nice when the birds come to you , rather then you  having to look for them` ! (or was that `fonzie` from Happy Days !?! ).
 When working over in Drayton i managed to pick up the reguler suspects on me lunch break in the woods: SparrowHawk, 2x Greater Spotted Woodpeckers, 1x Green Woodpeckers, 1x Nuthatch (one of my favourite Woodland birds) and lots of Tit flocks!
 In Horsford i nipped down to St Faiths Common for me lunch and got 2x Goldcrests ,3x Treecreepers , 1x Green Woodpecker on the ground & a couple of Coal Tits among others.
 At Bowthorpe i managed to stumble upon a flock of Pied Wagtails around 25+ and also with them 30+ Linnets. While watching them feed on  afield i heard a Yellowhammer overhead ,so i turned to follow it and realised it wasnt alone when it landed on a bail of straw. At least 40+ Yellowhammers all feeding around some stables. Cracking bird in the sun & managed to grab a picture on me new phone too which was nice.  I had to do a new house back in the city which gave me some nice garden birds. A Mistle ThrushSong Thrush were the pick of the bunch!

 Back at Norwich while working off Hall Road i heard and then saw . . . yes you got it  . . more of my new best friends the Waxwings! This time there was  60+, the largest i have seen since the 130+ at a car park off Dereham Road back in November last year.Got right up close and at one piont while chatting to the customer whos house it was ,we were underneath the flock while they tucked in to the Apples! I managed to take some footage of them before they flew of opposite to some nearby berries.

 Later on while still in Norwich i spotted a Treecreeper along with a Tit flock & higher up the tree a very noisey Mistle Thrush! If that wasnt enough i heard and then saw more Waxwings ! Around 15+ flew south towards Stoke Holy Cross, probably from the huge flock i`d seen earlier on.They just wont leave me alone ay ?  . . . .

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