short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Lynford for Hawfinch & Crossbill? . . .

Last weekend  i meet up with Brian & Steve at Lynford in Thetford where we were hoping to catch up with the Hawfinches &  anything else it had to offer.We picked up plenty of Goldcrests ( 10+ ) , also a  few Treecreepers & a couple of Nuthatches too. But no Crossbills were heard or seen. Down at the Paddocks (area where the Hawfinches are known to be) there were no sign of the Hawfinches although we told later on once back at the car  that 15 minutes after we left the area they were out on show . Not what we wanted to hear but thats the way the cookie crumbles some times ay?! We spent a few hours walking around this beautiful place and picked up 50+ Redwings at the Folly &  just past the Folly we had a flock of 30+ Siskins in which at least 1x Lesser Redpoll was hiding amongst.

 Plenty of noisey Mistle Thrushes were heard, along with the active Tit flocks but other then that nothing more so the lads decided to head off to Titchwell in hope of catching up with the Northern Harrier and other quality birds that North Norfolk has to offer. They were down for the entire weekend and had jammed packed weekend of reserves to get through, and i was hoping to meet up with em on sunday to get the Common Cranes & Harrier Roost at Stubbs Mill. Back to Lynford and I decided to stick around for a while longer in hope of the Hawfinches showing again.Will they didnt but not all was lost as i was rewarded with a gorgeous Male Goshawk!  I had seen one last year with the lads at May Day Farm , just down the road from here but this was a much closer views then that day. I was joint with another birder who was on his way back home to Devon.He too was buzzin from seeing this cracking bird and we enjoyed it soaring over our heads for a short time untill it passed on. A good year tick ! Now it was back to work !!!

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