short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Sunday, 2 July 2017

3UK lifers in May-June...

  3 uk lifers.... May-June 
So I've not been updated the blog as regular as I like but hoping to catch up ,starting with tonight. 
 So starting with the 18th may I joined up with Matt for a day in the Brecks .  
 We went to many places ( most of the known sites) and picked plenty of the "Brecks specialties " . Spotted flycatcher ,Firecrest and cuckoo were picked up quickly along with this rather smart Male Redstart .

Male Redstart
A pair of Stonechats was nice along with  Tree pipits and Woodlark which were all in fine song in the May sunshine . Stone curlew was picked up in new place for me and bird of the day was a Raven flying and calling !  This was a Uk lifer (no.280)for myself and we both watched as it was harassed by a couple of Carrion Crows , the size comparison was a great  to see in the field too.

Record shot of Raven and crow.(280)
  The day Ended with a special bird of which Ive been lucky enough to have watched on and off with Matt, on a undisclosed site...a pair of Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Ive helped Matt when I could moniter these birds . Big Respect to him for putting in a lot of hard graft and many hours to firstly locate these birds and then watch them exacvate a number of different holes before finally laying & sit the eggs. Ive learnt a lot about this species of bird through my visits here and the many conversations ive shared with Matt- A Top bloke and Top bird!

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker at hole

observing the birds at nest hole

on look out

 On the 23rd may I made my first visit to Potter Heighem marshes , a stunning place for birds . I immediately picked up 3x Spoonbills as I stepped I made my way along the bank . Cracking birds to see on any day but they would be overshadowed as I made my way round scanning the pools of water . A Wood sandpiper was picked up among some redshank and black headed Gulls.  I've actually not seen one for a couple of years so I enjoyed watching it for about 15 minutes before it took off.  Then the bird of the day .... Black Winged Stilt , . A pair  was seen together along with a 3rd bird.   I watched these neat and rather gracefull black /white Waders feed along the waters surface picking up the insects.   This was my 281 species in the UK.


Black Winged Stilt- uk list 281
  Now bringing it more up to date on the 10th June I went back to potter Heighem marshes with me old China , Yorkie and we set off from the lathams car park in hope of seeing the Black winged Stilt chicks and the newly reported Night Heron.  We walked along the river path picking up what probably one of my closet ever Marsh Harrier encounters along with 2x Barn owls hunting , one in each side of the river.   We carried in with the walk and it was at this point we both were drawn to the river and there it was ... A Night heron flying up river and then to turn and cross over our heads with a Little Egret! We were both lucky as we were treated to great views of the birds plumage . We watched it fly towards the wooded/small collection of trees.Night heron was my 282 uk bird  and was made even more memorable by  seeing the Black winged stilts with there chicks ... This species hasn't successfully bred in the county of Norfolk for many years and in fact the Uk it self.  A bird that usually found in the Spain so possibly climate change with more Dry weather  in there usual breeding grounds forcing in search of more wetlands habitat?  Potter Heighem is a great place for these birds along with the many other birds here
 So that's me up to date as regards away from the patch sightings which I'll up date soon
Happy birding

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