short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Friday, 19 May 2017

White Tailed Eagle and plenty of Patching.......

So ive been busy patching as usual but managed to sneak off for some some Twitching! On the 3rd May, local Yare valley birders Justin and Steve found a White Tailed Eagle at Buckenham Marshes, I was at home at the time and playing kids when I got the message so waited till after work the next day. I kept tabs on the Eagle through social media through out the day and by the time I got to Cantley around mid afternoon  it hadn't been seen since 1pm. I scanned the marshes and waited till around 3.30 with only a couple of Marsh harriers and a smart Kingfisher so i decided to go Buckenham. I met Jeremy in the car park and got gassing about the bird and its previous sightings as we walked up the track. We picked up 2x Yellow Wagtails and watched 2 x Common Snipe which displayed over the marsh. Then along with 2 other birders we were lucky enough to see the White Tailed Eagle   take off from the ground and instantly being mobbed by the local Crovids, geese and Lapwings! It was a a beast of a bird compared to corvids who got as close they could as they saw it off . After around 25minutes I left off with only my second White Tailed Eagle sighting (both in Norfolk) and my closest!

 Now onto  the 8th May when I knocked off work a bit  early & nipped up to Walsey Hills NOA to see the Wood warbler which had been reported there.  After 20 minutes I had a couple of brief views before it disappeared for around 30 minutes. Surprisingly only 3 other birders were present and we tried to relocate it.  As I went to leave after an hour and 15 minutes and other then a nice pair of Bullfinches , it appeared again and this time in Gull view in the open.  A striking little bird with its clean white underparts against the  superb bright lemon/yellow upper parts of  it's throat ,with a striking Yellow/lemon  supercilium .....a smart bird indeed and Well worth the journey . This is a bird I've always wanted to get in the past but never been able to get time off to get it or it's never been close enough.  This was a lifer for my British list and no.279!
 Will update with patch sightings soon. 
Happy birding
Ricky ⚒

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