short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Wednesday, 12 April 2017



So on the 10 th April I sat and had breakfast & saw that the Kentish Plover at Breydon water was still present through Twitter, after being seen the day previously by number of birders including good friend Matt who informed me of how nice it was but also of how tricky it could be to see it as many didn't see it ,as it was moving with tides and also from the north side to the south side in turn being lost to view. After some thought while busy cleaning the windows of a school I decided to have a extended lunch break and head up there.
 On route I saw that Norfolk birder Murray Smith had the bird in view still from just past the hide so all good I thought but also I  got my self prepared for that message saying "its now took to the air and not been seen since..." but thankfully when I arrived I could clearly see the handful of birders were still on it and quickly made my way round past the Hide and up along the North Wall.
 Murray gladly pointed the Kentish Plover out which was at rest and surprisingly close. As we got gassin the bird did eventually wake up a bit and start to move about along with 3x Ringed Plovers .
As the sun got out, it showed the stunning colours ,especially the Rufus,Ginger caramal crown cap and those neat Black bars that sit either side of its breast (like a broken band unlike the ringed or little ringed). This was my 278th British Bird and celebrated it with a Chocolate Chip Muffin, and insisted Murray had one as well ,which he did.

Kentish Plover (centre with Ringed Plovers either side)

 I enjoyed watching it for about 25 minutes before it took off with the 3x Ringed Plovers into the mud flats much  further out. With that the 6 of us  walked back to the cars.
 A very nice lunch break indeed and a super bird!
 Happy birding

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