short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Monday, 30 September 2013

Osprey & September patch round up .......

So lets start with the patch! One visit in the middle of the month produced me with a common buzzard over head and my first singing cettis after a quiet month or two from them. A tit flock got the  blood pumping, containing 2x coal tits and a single great tit,4x blue tits and 3x juv chiffchaff s which were very entertaining to watch. A male blackcap and a couple of grey herons over ,ended a quick but pleasant visit
 A more recnet visit produced more the same but a bit more action . 2 x cettis singing was very welcoming and then too was a huge flock of lapwings which took to air from marsh scrape.Two counts of 68 and one of 69 . My second highest count for the patch!
 As I walked along I got some pictures of a few darters . Not the ruddy darters from last month but these were common darters. A picture of one below from the cattle pen

Common darter



I bumped into Chris on the way round and we got chatting as we walked.He shared some of his knowledge of insects (among other things ) with me something ive got to sharpen up on . We noticed a number of butterflies (comma, red admiral  and small white .) and a huge amount of hoover flies.
As we walked I spotted a high soaring Common Buzzard and then among  the trees and bushes  further along  calling was a quietly singing Garden warbler . Then viewing the broad a single juv swan with both parents and an Egyptian goose. On the shingle spit was 4x common snipe at rest along with a juv moor hen .
Common Snipe

  Now to today!
   As I worked in 3 scores,Bowthorpe  looking up at the remaining House martins I noticed over the lakes(Colney GPs or also known as Bawburgh Lakes) a low flying  Osprey!
It was casually fishing and dropped down 3 times , but without any meal  to show for it. This was my best find to date and a work tick too. Earning while birding....just the way I like it -;)


The bird was present the whole time I was there (11.20- 1.55pm) . I had no internet excess so let Jim know to put it out for me so hopefully some other birders would have also got to see this super bird.

 Happy birding

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