short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Thursday, 22 November 2012

A very late weekly round up and a super hours birding.....

  So my working days have started off each morning  with a quick butchers at the flock of Waxwings that have been resident at York street which happens to be round the corner from me. The most I've had was 17 and even little George got to enjoy there charismatic behaviour from the warmth of his buggy!
An unusual sighting on Saturday off Limetree ave with a flock of  7 x Stock doves feeding among some Wood Pigeons and a few Gulls on a small  green. I no off two pairs that bred round here in the summer but this was the highest count I've had around this way.
Now to the weekends action !
I was busy at work listening to the  north London derby on the old wireless when the Dog started going off. It was Jim calling to alert me to a certain Surf Scoter , along with a Richards Pipit and a Rose coloured Starling being reported on the coast. All three would be lifers for me so  I took the  bait & decided to pull my finger out and get done super quick and head off.
I decided to go for the Rose Coloured Starling first and depending on how easy it was to pin down I'd try to head for the coast for the other goodies .
Well on arrival I was greeted by familiar, smiling faces in Justin & Andy. They soon put me in the right direction along with some very handy info on where to park for the Surf Scoter  ( top blokes!)
There was already a small gathering and I was kindly told to look through  Mikes(birders are such friendly folk aren't they?!)  scope who  had it in view. Great views as it made its way along the fence and  to the feeders. After chatting to the lads around me about the surf Scoter , including James , I got itchy feet & nipped off.

Luckily Jim was there still and as I approached he greeted me with a view of a Richards pipit ( what a guy!)
I got brief views as it made its way along the coastal paths edge . Now to the sea!
The Surf Scoter was in among a flock of around a dozen common Scoters and wasn't easy to pick out  on my bins but lucky for me Jim was on hand again with his scope and I so had the bird in view. Having not had much time over the  last 3 months to get to the coast , this much needed visit gave me  3 quality birds to see and made up for a quiet autumn for myself .
It was simply a super hours birding and great to be amongst such friendly & helpful birders.
Happy birding

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