short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Thursday, 15 March 2012

More patch delights........

Oystercatcher and Black Tailed Godwit
 Yet another rewarding trip to the patch! A scan out along the shingle spit on the Broad and immediately was drawn to 3 bright orange beaks...yep you've guessed it, there were 3x Oystercatchers enjoying the gorgeous sunshine.While enjoying these charismatic birds i noticed a sleeping Wader. A rather smart Black Tailed Godwit.I watched it wake and then make its way along the shingle .A rather graceful Wader and a first for me on the patch. After a while i turned my attention to water and after a Tufted count of 75 i spotted a male Goldeneye.Again a smart looking bird and with the sun looking rather striking.

Black Tailed Godwit

A further hunt for any thing else of interest resulted in:

2x Pochard ,2x Gadwall , 3x Common Snipe , before  everything took to the air and as it did i counted 11x Lapwings & then a flock of 12x Dunlin.They dropped down at the Marshes so i made my way there.Although when i got there the marsh was bare other then a few Stock Doves but i did meet a fellow birder of name Kaine.We got gassin as you do and he too had seen the Dunlin flock take off and as we spoke a single Dunlin flew by and dropped onto the broad.I left to the sound of a singing Cettis (in fact a total of 3 today)Once again it shows that regular visits to a patch although sometimes can be rather empty with bird life, other times can be fantastic and of late its been more of the latter- Long may it continue!

Taking to the air: Stock Doves, Lapwings and gulls. Oystercatchers take there chances

Happy Birding,

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