short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Work travels & local patch up date...

 This week Ive been working in the south of Norwich where i have been monitoring the activities of the House Martin colony . Of the 22 nests , 4 are still being used with hungry young inside( obivously there second brood) . I watched as a few adult birds  came back & forth to the nest.As i watched these small hungry hirundines receive food from there parents i thought of how they would very soon be on the wing and flying south wards making that long journey to there wintering grounds.
 On my lunch break on wednesday i sat and counted 32x Pied Wagtails in Tescos car park at Harford Bridge.I remember last year counting up to 50 + at one lunch break.I want to come back one evening this winter to get a count of the numbers that roost here.
 Over in Sprowston Thursday i watched a Sparrowhawk dive into a bush of House Sparrows.I then watched as it seemed to get stuck and took at least a minute to scramble out of there empty handed!
 At my local patch this afternoon i had another 30 minutes of nothing other then 4x Egyptian Geese, a couple of Lapwings and a pair of Stocks Dove but as i found last week, when it seems theres nothing about something usually pops up and thats what happened again today.I was searching through the sky at a couple of House Martins , when a Hobby came over head with legs hanging and dropping down over the lagoon. It stayed for around 3-4 minutes before heading off over towards Whitlingham .A new tick for the patch and another rewarding visit!
 I may go to the coast tomorrow in search of something new!
  Happy Birding,

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