short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Week so far...

 Ill start off with Tuesday lunch time, where i was working near the building site that was providing wet mud for the Martins and Swallows to build there nests. I was glad to see healthy number of House Martin nests and too Swallow nests but was pleasantly surprised to see that in the 6 weeks since i was working here last a whole community of Sand Martins have appeared! I  was checking out the sand piles where the water puddles had been last time & it was here that around 40+ nest holes had appeared! I decided this was a good spot to eat my Mozzarella & tomato Sandwich ( i call it the `Paolo Di Canio` ). I counted at least 24 holes being used in the 35 minutes i was there , not to say the others weren't being used too though, i just didn't see any activity in them. With the House Martins nests in Norwich that i visit on my work patch and now this site, along with the Swifts nests (not a Hirundine i know but i always put them together) in my street ive got the Hirundines covered!

Sand Martin nest holes

 Wednesday i was at work on St Stephens Road when i heard Oystercatchers overhead , looking up i counted 3 heading towards Carrow Road way.I text`d Yorkie as i usually do with what ive seen about & he responded by saying he`d seen em only seconds earlier at work!
 Also later that day a quick stop off at Surlingham gave me a Green Sandpiper , Hobby & Sparrowhawk.
 Thursday lunch break had me popping back into my local patch , Thorpe Marshes to find both the  2x Green Sandpipers & adult Common Tern with its 2x young still on the spit.
A nice few lunch breaks i think your agree!

Common Tern-Thorpe Marshes

 Happy birding,

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