short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

short eared owl - Thorpe Marshes

Friday, 7 January 2011

2009 & 2010 : Part 1

Where to start? I guess to when it really began . . .
I always had a love for me feathered friends since a kid but never got serious . But later on in life through my then girlfriend (now wife) i was introduced to Andy aka`Yorkie`. We got gasssin one night and he planned a evening for us to take  trip to Winterton Dunes  to see a bird  , the `Nightjar`. It was an interesting experience with  Yorkie giving me a pair of `White Socks` as we approached fenced  area and explaining what i was do with it! Although i felt a bit of a plum for swinging them around my head it worked ! Nightjar was circling over me within in minutes of dusk. Good memories and since that day I've slowly gone from popping out with Yorkie, to nipping  out on my own with flask and a Collin's for help! From Whitlingham Country Park or Strumpshaw Fen to going for long days out to North Norfolk coast!
By this stage i had began to record everything i saw and  a few pictures with my digi-camera .
At the end of   November , i spent a fantastic day out at Titchwell with Yorkie  and picking up 20 lifers and a day list of 62 different species. A great day out in a beautiful reserve
Also that month  i got over to Stubbs Mill to see the Raptor Roost . Got over 35 Marsh Harriers coming in, also Barn Owl up close , small flock of Lesser Redpolls,  along wit 2 x Common Cranes flying across, which happened to be my No.100 for lifer list- Happy Days!
Cley Marshes in beginning of December gave me first chance of sea watching.After a lashing of drizzle and gale force winds we picked up some Red Throated Divers among others. Along the shingle we got a fantastic close ups of Snow Buntings- i feel in love with there friendly little bird.There fantastic colour in the sun was a real joy to see , although when they went to ground on the pebbles it made hard work to find them again!
As December was coming to an end i headed down to  at Buckenham Marshes to witness my first bird spectacle , the Corvid Roost. Around 30-40,000 come in and gather as the sun sets and for a few moments  the sky was covered with beautiful shades of black  every where the eye could see , absolute Magic!
On to 2010-
    Whitingham gave up some very interesting (and as I've learnt over the coming year )  bloody good birds!
 With the Great Northern Diver , and Black Necked Grebe  on New Years Day and a couple of weeks later when with Yorkie & his dad Brian , we picked up  Red Necked Grebe , Smew , Ruddy Duck & Gooseander! (fingers crossed for a repeat of that for 2011!).

Me & Yorkie @ Whitlingham CP.
 Buckenham Marshes also gave us White Fronted & Bean Geese  , along with a fantastic looking Stonechat and as leaving the car park a very brave Merlin which decided to fly right out  in front, low  of our van following the white line of the road! It gave me & Brian great views of this compact little bird of prey`s colour & markings , as well as its fine flying skills!
  After that experience we headed to Ludham for the Whooper & Bewick Swans (it did mean getting  very muddy boots in the process but it was well worth it!)
  We ended up finishing at Stubbs Mill to see the Common Cranes and the excellent Harrier Roost. Great  way to end a days birding

Me, Brian & Yorkie @ Stubbs Mill
 Spring was hear and i had a wedding coming up in May but that wouldn't stop us getting some good, quality birding in , would it . . . . ?

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